New In: Ready-to-Wear Fall Winter 2020


            ROSBERT VILLAR is a young, home-grown Filipino brand aiming to create fun, fresh, and relevant pieces in hopes of achieving the standards of haute couture. Drawing inspiration from old Hollywood glamour, the brand truly believes that the most beautiful and timeless creations stem from the passion and hard work of the artists behind them -- this is why it values technique and craftsmanship, ensuring that everything we produce is tailored and handcrafted to express a vision that would best suit our client’s needs, down to the finest of details.


             More than a designer brand, Rosbert Villar is an advocate of style fused with substance at
the very heart of it all. It strives to prove that beyond corsets and drapes, lace and satin, and lavish crystals and beads, couture not only expresses the designer’s vision, but it tells a narrative that fully embodies the person donning the creation.  
             Couture is larger than an art form, it is a movement to be reckoned with, and it is definitely here to stay. As it continues to offer a variety of choices for any man or woman, the brand hopes to provide just as much versatility as couture promises.