"An Homage to the Past Periods"

Inspired by the artistry, attributes and traditions of Old World glamour, ROSBERT VILLAR elevates the empowered woman’s closet through modern creations reminiscent of the elegance of the antiquity. An homage to the beauty and opulence of the past periods of time, each piece is thoughtfully designed with classic silhouettes and ornate embellishments. 

Aspiring to bring together creativity and functionality, the brand produces pieces that are bold yet equally finessed. Amidst ever-changing trends, ROSBERT VILLAR creations remain sensual, romantic, and ultimately, timeless.

Always having the woman of today in mind, every creation is a distinctive closet staple you can wear time and time again. Rosbert Villar brings to life ideas that empower genuine women of substance whose beauty is anything but skin-deep. 



Growing up with a family in the business of clothing production, Rosbert was exposed to fashion and design at a very young age. As a child, he would spend a great deal of time at the factory, learning the basics from the seamstresses.

At 9 years old, Rosbert knew he held an undeniable spark for fashion. From designing dresses for his sister’s dolls to adorning old bottles with little charms and trinkets, he’s always had a flair for style and a sharp eye for detail—both of which are immensely apparent in his work today.

Naturally, Rosbert chose to pursue fashion design as a career. Under the helm of industry veterans, much of his understanding of what design ought to be is greatly influenced by his mentor, renowned designer, Patrice Diaz. Refusing to settle for plain beautiful, he strived to create pieces that are interesting and relevant.

In 2017, he launched his debut collection, ‘Ramona,’ a tender tribute to his grandfather, one of his most unwavering supporters.

After a year, Rosbert officially opened his atelier in Pasig City. Following the successful opening, he launched his first bridal collection in 2019 and first Ready-to-Wear collection in 2020.

Today, Rosbert Villar has found his rhythm. As he continues to learn and grow as a designer, he stays true to his roots. From the quality of the materials to the intricacies of stitching and beadwork, to Rosbert, craftsmanship is what makes any garment exceptional. 

Creating modern pieces that exude Old World glamour, he constantly draws inspiration from his love for antiquities—opulent European royalty, jazz music, and old films. Admittedly an old soul, extraordinary icons such as Dinah Washington and Elizabeth Taylor are among his most cherished muses.

As his clientele expands, Rosbert Villar reaches for new heights as well. As he aims to further hone his craft, one thing is certain: his creations will always come with the promise of empowering women to look and feel like the very best versions of themselves.